The 10,000 Butterflies Project

Butterflies represent transformation, beauty, and hope… and that’s what The 10,000 Butterflies Project is all about. The 10,000 Butterflies Project is an invitation to shine a spotlight on hope and connection through collaborative art. It’s for people of all ages. From all walks of life. All over the world.

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School Shootings, Anger, and Hope

How many more people will die before America says ENOUGH? Will the horrific murders of 17 innocent people at Stoneman Douglas High School in Parkland, Florida go down in history as just another statistic? America needs more than thoughts and prayers right now. What we...

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Leave a Little Sparkle Behind

Here’s a radical suggestion — How about if you and I and everyone else make it a point to do something to spread happiness, to make someone else feel just a tiny bit special? To leave a little sparkle wherever we go. All it takes is a simple shift in how we treat each other.

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Lunchtime Bullying

Bullying is a nasty bite of reality that too many kids face every day. Imagine how it feels to dread going to school because of the taunts, cruel teasing, insults, and even physical attacks from classmates. To be intimidated and ostracized. To feel friendless. Vulnerable. To sit all alone at lunchtime, day after day.

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