Lunchtime Bullying

Bullying is a nasty bite of reality that too many kids face every day. Imagine how it feels to dread going to school because of the taunts, cruel teasing, insults, and even physical attacks from classmates. To be intimidated and ostracized. To feel friendless. Vulnerable. To sit all alone at lunchtime, day after day.

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Innovative Ways to Help the Homeless

You’ve spotted a homeless person. Maybe he’s standing on the corner with a cardboard sign asking for help. Perhaps she’s dirty and disheveled, sitting in a coffee shop trying to be invisible. What’s your first reaction? Do you avoid eye contact and turn away? Hand her a few bucks and move on? Look down your nose?

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Fighting Hunger with “Food Rescues”

For nearly 48 million Americans it’s a daily struggle just to get enough to eat. That means they have to eat less or skip meals entirely. They buy the cheapest food they can which is often not very nutritious. The adults miss meals so the kids don’t have to. They’re food insecure. That’s what hunger looks like in America. And yet close to 40% of the food produced in this country goes to waste. Something’s wrong. Very wrong.

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Empowering Girls Changes the World

What happens when girls believe in themselves? When from an early age girls are encouraged to take on leadership roles because they understand that girls can be leaders too? What happens when young women are inspired to reach higher and become more than they ever imagined they could be? They change the world!

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